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(h)ear festival #3 - "sound travels"

More names to be added!


Pierre Berthet (BE)
Pierre Berthet plays "Galileo", a 40mn piece by Tom Johnson for 5 sounding pendulums.
"Nature is a book that one can read but it's written in the langage of mathematics" (Galilei)
The day Galileo Galilei discovered the law of the pendulum, I'm sure he thought he was reading the book of nature, and when I play my pendulums I sometimes have a similar feeling. I can not control their movement and can only try to follow their rhythm, their natural rhythm. The law of the pendulum is only one among thousands of laws that control the world we live in, not counting those yet undiscovered, but it is a natural law that can be seen and heard rather easily, and often people who attend performances of Galileo also feel that they are not only hearing music, but also reading a bit from the book of nature. (Tom Johnson)
Galileo is a composition/instrument that swings on five pendulums. The slowest of these hangs from a line about 260 cm long, suspended from a height of about four meters. The other four pendulums must be carefully measured, following the formula discovered by Galileo Galilei some 500 years ago, so as to make their cycles in 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5 and the time necessary for the longest. A sequence of short compositions allow us to hear all the different combinations of tempos. The piece has evolved slowly from three pendulums to five, from 10 minute to over 40, in a variety of situations.

Méryll Ampe (FR)
In her own words: "I'm currently attenting 5th year of fine arts at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Plastiques" in Cergy, France where I'm preparing to finish a Master degree in sound art and sculpture. In the year 2011 I broadcasted the composition "Alcor, Balade d'un cavalier flâneur" with a acousmonium at the George Bizet consevatory of Paris. I also performed in differents places in France for instance: Instants Chavirés, KOBE, Glassbox and, the Institut Français d'Amerique Latine in Mexico City this year in collaboration with Fabien Zocco. I worked in Mexico City as assistant of Manuel Rocha Iturbide sound artist. I also worked for different multimedia and sound artists like Robin Meier, Axelle Remeaud mostly in France.
I was interested in sound by envisaging it as a plastic material, for its affluence of textures and to crossing it with my artist plastic practice. I developed my work from the field recording so that its elements chosen as their acoustic and aesthetic criteria are my principles in the working base. Taking from sculpture's techniques: to cut in the mass, to model, to chisel, gives me the possibility of working the the sound's body to introduce me the most further inside as possible. Transform to stress its initials relief, to bring it up to turbulences. My sound researches take me to a reflection of composition, the space of electronic materials to put them in echoes, where becomes established in a timeway to transcend them. These electronic manipulations, accurately thorough, suggest developing an internal journey to the listener and to dive in a poetic continuum.
My performance will articulate mainly around a sculptural sonic work, realized with various sound's materials (field recording). These materials are sculptured, misshapen by real time electronic treatments in space, giving rise to an empirical experience. During this improvised study, certain frequencies will be questioned to establish sound fields, through which the public will be invited to experience an introspective journey."

Roughledge aka Cédric Dambrain (BE)
Cédric Dambrain is a composer, performer and instrument designer based in Brussels. His sonic research includes compositions for ensembles, solo works, electronic/computer music, installations and live performances. His last written piece, In Memoriam F.R. v.3 (processed trumpet and live electronics - 2012), is to be released on a split 12" vinyl (Sub Rosa, Belgium).
Next to his musical work, Cédric Dambrain has collaborated vastly in the field of music theater and dance performance.
He recently completed the design of a music controller prototype with vibrotactile feedback, aiming to develop a genuinely physical approach of electronic music. He is currently working on a solo project focusing on physiological sound experiments and perception thresholds. His debut album, Subjective Slave (CD), is out now.

Tropic of Coldness (IT/BE)
Tropic of Coldness paly "Flooding Memories": The North-East of Italy was hit by a very heavy flooding in November 1966. In a small town in the Veneto Region, memories of the flooding of November 1966, when the town was covered by nearly 3 meters of water overflown from the local river Livenza, are still present, strengthen by the periodic threats of new flooding every time autumn's heavy rainfalls are occurring.
During the 1966 flood, the waters didn't grow as much as to damage one of the Tropic of Coldness members' family piano, which has been used to record two original tunes in the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the flood.
Tropic of Coldness will present a set titled 'Flooding memories', in which the duo will improvise over multiple sound layers created by the two new piano tunes 'treated' with effects and the field recordings recorded along the banks of the river Livenza. The music will be accompanied by visuals created by Tropic of Coldness re-elaborating some of the footage shot during the 1966 flooding.

Charles Krutzen (NL)
Charles Krutzen present "QuadropheniaX"
"I'm a video (animation and installation particularly) and sound artist, at least... mainly. Besides, as an 'addition' to his sound work; performances since 1993." During those he combines elements of theatre with poetry, his own sound and video compositions. Until now he has performed in, except The Netherlands, among others, Japan, England, Belgium.
Since circa 2004 he also performs as a (electronic) noise musician. Noise is also present clearly in some of his video work. Besides video and sound work, he sometimes makes dada-ish assemblages. Alienation in combination with confrontation and in some (sometimes higher) degree with symbolism play a prominent part in his work. Important are unexpected combinations in respect of image and sound compared to reality.

Mario van Horrik and Petra Dubach (NL)
In 2009 Petra and Mario started their "Improvisations" project.
The concept is really simple: with a selection of instruments and objects on a table, they start off, and continue until the end. Two mikes, two amp/speakers, a mixing board and a loop station are used to amplify and reproduce the sounds they create. The instruments and objects Petra and Mario use are different every time and depend a.o. of what they can take with them. During several concerts these last years the results evolved, and the end of the evolution is still a mystery, and in time uncertain. So far Petra and Mario played their improvised concerts at Gallery Kunstpraktijk, Veldhoven, Werkstatt Improvisierte Musik, Zürich, Extrapool, Nijmegen, Freitagsmusik, Hamburg, Hörbar, Hamburg, Kunstverein Duisburg, Clockbuilding Strijp S, Eindhoven, Lokaal 01, Breda, Skolska 28, Prague.
The press about Petra and Mario: "Another boat of music weirdoes in the open sea with no familiar coordinates... The only compass is their creative intuition. Let's start this obscure journey based on the principle 'the one who risks makes profit'".

Margriet Kicks-Ass (NL)
Margriet Kicks-Ass has over 10 years of experience in sound art and is the designer, builder, conductor and musical performer of her own instruments. The physical power of sound is Margriet's inspiration source. Her explorative journey consist of a mixture of electronic sound with acoustic vibrations. Margriet Studied Sound & Image (Art & Science) at the Royal Conservatory and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.
Since 2004 she's on stage with theatrical sound-performances with self-built instruments/soundobjects on festivals and concertplaces all over Holland, Belgium and Germany.
Her selfmade instrument RAUSCHMASCHINE consists of a filing cabinet set in motion by controllable ground notes, resonating from the built-in speakers. The result is that everything in and on the cabinet starts resonating/vibrating with this energy, which is amplified by microphones and mixed into the composition.
Her new prototype SPLASHBOX enables these vibrations to become audible underwater. A speaker turns water into motion, which starts the underwater objects to vibrate, and the resonance is together with the sound of the water transmitted by an underwater microphone to a speaker.

Adolf&Eva (NL)
A noise-operette (later) derived from the famous creation story of Adam & Eva mixed with Wagner's Tristan & Isolde with a crunchy noise twist. It will be performded for the second time at (h)ear. It is a spontaneous mounted performance created spontaneously during Hysteryland 2, thanks to time need. The duo consists of noise-guru Peter Zincken and his protégé Lorna Buckley, both ' die hard friends ' and FCKN BSTRDS members.

Ziek (NL)
State of the art Dutch Power Elektra. Zuster Ziek (meaning Sister Sick), aka Anja Zilvervisje) performs announced preferably at the most unexpected sites. Junk noise from the FCKN'BSTRDS stable. 100% discretion and hygiene garanteed!

To be described as CliniClownTerror with an absurdistic blend of humor. You'll never know what hit you!

Frans Roovers (NL)
Frans's output is massive. He is an extraordinary creative person, especially with his misical output. He composes for a variety of projects in which he is involved, writes music for theatre, dans productions, arranges scores for choirs, likes to play around with any elctrical device he can lay his hands on, etc…
During (h)ear festival he will do an experiment with a telecom devive he recently found at a second hend market. He.., we.., nobody has any idea of wjat will be the outcome of his experimentation. Well, isn't that part of (h)ear's intention?

Solar Plex aka Riccardo Bertan (IT)
Solar Plex will play "Water Recordings".
Riccardo Bertan explores sound perceptions in sonic non narrative events. Focusing on listening and in the aesthetic research of the field recordings connected with memories of the places. He emphasizes micro sounds and feeling versus the high fidelity, giving importance also at the recording noises. The sonic compositions are in relation with time that he try to freeze like in old pictures with their special color given by years's passing. He works on live performance especially with improvisations in the field of ambient|drones, in this type of set he works on space perception and on physical feeling of sonic waves. He investigates the developing of sounds's movements through auditory space. He use ritual repetitions to involve the audience inside the performance, he does gradual small changings in the used sounds made with instruments, field recordings and synthesizers.
He is collaborating with visual artists to create sonic ambients for their works both for whole art exhibitions and for a single work, reflections about the sonic description of the works are made after a survey on the creative process behind the frame of the artists involved, those sonic descriptions aren't sound design development but synergic artworks. He performs as Solar Plex, RB and as a duo with Big Numbers.

Joker Nies (DE)
Circuit-Bending the Omnichord: The Omniconcertino - how to turn the Suzuki Omnichord OM-27 into a versatile musical instrument.
Modifiying a Suzuki Omnichord model OM-27, became my introduction to what is known to the world as „circuit-bending“ these days. In 1995, when a friend of mine found a Omnichord in his backyard, that he gave to me, I had no idea about circuit-bending and had never heard about Reed Ghazala, who coined the term in a article series in the Experimental Musical Instrument (EMI) magazine around that time. It turned out that the Omnichord, as it is, was a very limited instrument with a pretty boring sound. That fact had me open it after about 20 minutes, just to have a look at what would be inside. When I touched the circuit-board, I heard the first interesting sound coming out of it. So I started exploring the instrument and the possibilities of creating and altering sounds with skin resistance trough connecting different parts of the circuit-boards with my fingers.
Over the years all this modifications lead to the creation of the Omniconcertino - my concert-version of a higly modified and enhanced instrument, with a amazingly open and precisely controllable sound-palette.
The Presentation will show the inner workings and modification possibilities of the OM-27 and also show some of the history of the iconic Suzuki instruments.


Mario van Horrik and Petra Dubac (NL)
Mario van Horrik and Petra Dubach present "Trans(port)(l)ation"
"Trans(port)(l)ation" is a project that started around 2006, first with the title "Trainslation".
The idea is very simple: Open Data, and in particular the timetables of public transport are plotted on maps, actually scores, which can be played manually by music boxes, so this is basically translated into music - Platforms, gates, line numbers of bus or tram determine the pitch; departure times determine the moment when the pitch is heard.
"Trans(port)(l)ation" has been exhibited in Eindhoven, Utercht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Madrid, Istanbul, New York, Zagreb and Tel Aviv.

Portable Noise Kremator (NL) presents "Onvoorbereid"
"Onvoorbereid" is opgevat als een mix tussen een lezing over noise en een regulier Portable Noise Kremator optreden. Tijdens de grotendeels geïmproviseerde presentatie haal ik anekdotes op uit de 17 jaar dat ik inmiddels in de scene zit en wat dat doet met de manier waarop je in het leven staat, heb ik het onder andere over zelfgebouwde instrumenten, frequently asked questions (en hoe ze te vermijden), het belang van korte kabels en de noodzaak van lange. Portable Noise Kremator anno 2013 staat voor DIY electronica, zelfgebouwde oscillators, sequencers en effecten – nu eens stuurloze chaos, dan weer haaks op elkaar staande noisebeats en drones. "Onvoorbereid" verwijst naar de steeds korter wordende tijd die ik doorheen de jaren ben gaan spenderen aan de voorbereiding van mijn live optredens.

De TekenkingZ (NL)
De TekenkingZ present "De TekenkingZ at School"
Masterful rock paintings of stunning virtuosity are the earliest signs of human presence on Earth. Since then, every man has translated his feelings and fantasies shaped by signs. Without drawings no history, no science, no language, no discoveries, no conquests, no industrial revolution, no computer era. Without signs no education. Their mission is to stimulate drawing because it is the basis of many forms of expression. The Tekenkingz will perform using sounds (or music?) of their choise to accompany their drawing actions during (h)ear festival 3.
De TekenkingZ are cartonist and artist Toon Hezemans, cartonist and inventor Gady Mirtenbaum and cartonist/illustrator Berend Vonk.

Duo_BB (NL)
The workshop lead by Duo_BB remains until now even a mystery for us. Let's just capture some items from their text: "We try to capture the most ordinary things humans do by filming them. Think about acts like cycling, stopping, getting of the bike, putting it aside, walk away, looking over your shoulder - into the camera -  like it's another person and then suddenly laughter can be heard, more or less in a way as if it's a reward for fulfilling the mission - even though very unsignificant."
Duo_BB will take the participant on a mission to awareness of simple actions being just as important a any other action. Using laughing as a reward. But there's more...
It might come in handy if every participant would bring their own camera or smartphone to use during this workshop. 12 participants only limit! Reservations: info@h-ear.org

Video/Audio works

Sabine Burger (DE) & Kleefstra|Bakker|Keefstra (NL)
"Sinne op íe Wangen" video by Sabine Burger & Kleefstra|Bakker|Keefstra.
The video "Sinne op íe Wangen" is a collaboration between German visual artist Sabine Burger and Dutch trio Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra. Burger has also collaborated with Machinefabriek to make productions like "Lichtung" and "Instuif". After seeing Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra play a show in Brussels she invited the trio to compose music which in return would inspire her to make a new video.
Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra are the two brothers Jan en Romke Kleeftra, also active members of he Alvaret Ensemble, and Anne Chris Bakker. The trio published two albums and collaborated with artists as Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek and Liondialer.
About the video: With just a few raw stills the trio started improvising creating a dialogue betweem their music and Burger's visual work. Result is a 30 minute lasting trance. Images in only black & white playing with light. The monochrome images seeming to accellerate and skip randomly with the sound evolving in a more hectic sphere.

Stefan Piat (BE)
Pan&scan, video, 30', 2012
Pan&scan reconstitutes the daylong observation of a city filmed from the same window. Facing outward, the camera scans the panorama looking for a multitude of possible frames. Sound is recorded in all directions, inward as well as outward. With support of Q-o2 and Constant Variable.

Temporary Item.s aka Carine Masutti (FR)
Carine Masutti presents her artistic project under the name of Temporary Item.s, an intuitive attempt to express the impermanence of our world, its beauty, magic, as sometimes its horror. Backed by a classical piano experience, a multi-cultural environment and a never-ending enthusiasm for experimentation, she makes the sound an ingredient to cook her own musical primordial soup, as she likes to define her work. She uses anything good to her imagination, field recording, instruments, objects, found sounds, reworks the whole until the story is told, enhanced by a meticulous production.
Temporary Item.s is regularly present on sound and art festivals, listening events and radios.

Fergus Kelly (IE)
Fergus Kelly is a sound artist and improvising musician based in Dublin working with sound and photomontage primarily.. He has been in numerous shows around Ireland, and has shown in Canada, America, Germany, Finland, Holland and England. He has done soundtracks for film and theatre and received many Arts Council awards. He is a founder member of The Whispering Gallery collective for the promotion of improvised and electronic music in an Irish context.
Sound has been a constant element in his work, and has been used in a variety of contexts: tape/slide, performance, installation, soundworks for tape, CD, radio, and public spaces.
during (h)ear festival 3 we can experience his audio contribution "Concrete Sonotities" which can be listened to in an intimate room.

Producer Kant Spin Noyce aka Patrick van Bentum (NL)
Patrick van Bentum is a self-taught artist with a strong affection for graphic work. Within his two-dimensional work, which is characterized by the strongly applying vertical and diagonal lines, he also researches resources and effects of converting his drawings into sound. By doing this his sometimes insane and inflicted drawings get an even more mystical dark atmospheres. During (h)ear festival 3 Patrick will present a video-work under his monniker Producer Kant Spin Noyce using the (h)ear-logo for the conversion to an audio visual work.
no external site

Neural Xolotl! aka Fabián Avila E (MX)
Neural Xolotl! presents his sound piece "Never To Be Forgotten" (Ulular Mambo).
Description: Which are the memories of a man and a dog in guerrilla? Does the dog remember his chant to calm babies? Does the man remember how he played soccer with his friends? Does both remember a lullaby? Does the dog remember his chant of happiness when the man came home every night? Maybe the man just wants to hear his mother's voice through walkie-talkies: "I love you so much, my love, and I'll never forget you". This piece links the chants of dogs, babies crying, soundscape, noise, high frequencies, and human voice, into a kind of prayer to stop the violence to children, animals, and humans, since in Mexico we live one of the most heinous times.
The guerrilla soundscapes were recorded by Christine Renaudat. The sound of water was taken from Luc Ferrari's web site and used by permission of Brunhild Ferrari. Other soundscapes were taken from YouTube or recorded by myself. This piece it's my first exercise using the theoretical framework about fixed, moving, and variable perspectives, stated by Barry Truax.

João Ricardo (PT)
João Ricardo presents his sound piece "Sleeping Aid".
Ricardo's work investigates the nuances of vibrations in our lives through the use of slow evolving compositions which emphasize the need for calm and slowness in today's fast paced world. Ricardo explores abstract and dense sceneries as motifs to describe the idea of imaginary space. Using fractured loops, rich textures, and unusual patterns, Ricardo creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of space and time.
João Ricardo was born in Porto, Portugal. After having toured as a death metal guitarist in the 90's and technically assisting super stars in a casino, he immersed in electronic music and never looked back. In the advent of the new millenium, the ocp - operador de cabine polivalente - project came to life. Presently, João dedicates himself to performing live - both on his own and with fellow improvisers - and to composition/production/experimentation with multimedia. He's also a prolific figure in the international open source audiovisual scene and manages the EdP - Editora do Porto netlabel.

Wouter Huis (NL)
Wouter Huis works in different media, but mainly focuses on video. Or rather: he places a medium (or mediator) in between what we see and how we see, directing the gaze towards things that normally do not find themselves in the centre of attention but that are always, unobtrusively there in the architecture that surrounds us. By doing so, scanning spaces and situations, he also places the focus on the medium as such. It is a state between the something and the nothing that seems to fascinate Huis.


Majjem radio (NL)
Majjem Radio celebrates it's 25th anniversary this year. That was cellebrated in Venlo earlier this year at their own festival. To highlight this event we've decided to invite the two hosts to spin a bunch of interesting sounds.
Majjem is a weekly radioshow, that is aired every Wednesday on Omroep Venlo FM. The show is dedicated to all sorts of music, that isn't getting the attention it deserves. Majjem is on-air every Wednesday evening at 21:00 till 23:00 (CET). You can listen to the show, via the internet-stream of Omroep Venlo FM, and on demand whenever you want. Check the playlists for the links to listen to Ze Majjem.
Majjem is hosted by Wil Roeven and Jeroen Frencken. During (h)ear festival #2 they will present exclusive audio recordings which can be listened to during the whole day via headphones.

Gonzo (circus) (B/NL)
Gonzo (circus) is a paper magazine with a CD, a blog and much more. Over 20 years long Gonzo (circus) writes independent about innovative and music and culture. From contemporary composed to metal, from electronics to experimental pop and everything in between. And not only about music, but also about film, literature, Visual culture, media and society. Gonzo (circus) appears 6 x per year and each time offers 100 pages packed with interviews, essays, columns, reviews and an extensive agenda. Written by the best music journalists and by connoisseurs. With each edition you can also expect the Mind The Gap CD, with the choa of the editors from the current music offerings.
On their website and blog you can find daily news, festival and concert reviews, photo blogs, additional articles and the editor's choice from the current offer. In addition, you can consult a comprehensive agenda and a immeasurable database with reviews.

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