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17/03/2018 - (h)ear 10 year birthday festival
Deadline extended for Open Call for Participants..

a mini festival to celebrate the 10th anniversary of (h)ear - experimental audio research

We are pleased to announce that (h)ear will have it's 10th birthday next year. To celebrate this we want to organize a mini festival which will be held on Saturday, March 17th 2018.
To ensure a balanced program we are presenting an Open Call for anyone who is artistic related to Sound Art and/or Experimental Music.

Open Call
The open call for dedicated artists is from November 19th 2017 to February 9th, 2018. (h)ear is accepting submissions which could include live performances, installations and presentations using audio and video to present self-made instruments or sound objects.
To maximize the number of live performances during the festival, we suggest the presentations should last no longer than 20 minutes. For spatial installations we have very limited space available inside the building. Outside though there is an open space to realize location-based sound projects.
Participants must be aged 18 and over. A maximum of two proposals can be submitted. A brief personal statement must be included in your submission along with your current whereabouts. Large files must preferably be transferred via Wetransfer.

About the festival
The festival will take place in Heerlen, based in the south of the Netherlands, which is nearby Maastricht and close to the borders of Belgium (Liege/Hasselt/Gent) and Germany (Aachen/Köln). The small but cosy and acoustically very nice venue is called Betahuis. Showtime is to be confirmed but we're aiming at 1.30PM until 1AM. We will reserve the day before for preparations and sound checks.
(h)ear - and therefor the festival - is an international platform for Sound Art and Experimental Music presenting a broad variety of genre's, either acoustic or electronic and via performances, audio or a/v works.

Festival Giveaway
In addition we kindly ask you to consider to participate in a CDr release which we would like to hand out to the people who attend or are involved with the festival - as a kind gesture. We therefor want to ask you to contribute an audio file no longer than 5 minutes. We prefer 24 bits/48kHz WAV/AIFF files since it delivers good quality and we don't want to mess up converting files afterwards. You may send the file also via Wetransfer.file:///Users/Main/Documents/Sites/h-ear.org/public_html/pics/pics2017/hyperspace01.jpg

Conditions & Support
We can not support the participating artists in the costs they incur to participate in the festival, such as fees or travel expenses. During the festival however we take care for a pleasant stay, food and drinks and a great atmosphere to meet each other and share experiences.
Sleeping accommodation can be discussed.

Are you a dedicated artist who would like to participate?
Please email your proposal + (short)biography + related image to

We're looking forward!

Mike Kramer
artistic director (h)ear

E-mail: info@h-ear.org

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arly Bird tickets: 10,00 euro (until February 9th)
Box office: 15,00 euro (starting February 10th)
Tickets can be obtained by making a reservation via info@h-ear.org

March 17th 2018 | Open 13:00 | Start 13:30 | End 01:00

Betahuis | Wilhelminaplein 25 Heerlen

This event is a collaboration between (h)ear and studio hyperspace



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